Just Groovin’ Along

Let’s talk tunes.

I love music and can be convinced to try out pretty much any type of musical genre, because you never know what you are missing out on, honestly. I can’t say that I love one specific type of music either, because music is a mood thing, and a groove thing. If you have any passion for good tunes at all, you know what I’m talking about. Maybe you’ve had a bad day, you want something chill. Maybe you’re trying to study, you don’t want words, just a good beat. You’re getting ready for a night on the town, you need some hype. Whatever you’re feeling, a good song is never too far away.

A few weeks ago, I heard this gem by a band called Mayor Hawthorne.

Groovy right? My thoughts exactly. I listened to their whole album and even recently took it upon myself to see them play live at Headliners, here in Louisville.  I’m not entirely sure what genre they want to fall under, but in my opinion we should just call them great. Their musical style is catchy and definitely has some soul to it (check out their song, Backseat Lover and you’ll understand what I mean on the soul thing.)

Regardless, they will get you up, get you dancing, and you might even find yourself singing along after a verse or two. Something about their music is oddly familiar and I highly recommend checking them out… After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Not too sure about Her Favorite Song up there, here’s another good one, with Kendrick Lamar called Crime.

If you like them, consider seeing them live. The music is just as good, if not better! Tickets were inexpensive and the crowd was filled with people of all ages, just groovin’ along. Check out their website and see where they’ll be next. Mayor Hawthorne Official Site


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