Film for Thought

Recently, I watched the roast of one Mr. James Franco. Personally, I’m a Franco fan so needless to say it did not take much convincing to get me watching. However, that’s not what this is about. The roast had me thinking about one of Franco’s endeavors that I had yet to see.

Exhibit A: Spring Breakers


Now, believe it or not. Being a young woman, movie posters with a bunch of ladies done up in skimpy bikinis aren’t usually the movies I’m picking to watch. However, I did enjoy the film. And I will tell you why.

If you haven’t seen it, don’t jump to conclusions just yet. The film is definitely crude, definitely has some trashy elements to it, but definitely it’s well done nonetheless. Obviously, I’m not suggesting you pull out Spring Breakers at your next family fun night, however. Mom and pop might not love it.


The movie is of a darker variety, and was done in quite an artistic way. While most aspects of the film are likely very unrealistic, I’m willing to bet you will find yourself able to relate to a character or two.

Keep it in mind, as film for thought. I asked around and got mixed reviews of the film before watching it, so I decided I should just jump right in and decide for myself. My verdict is, if you like obscure films, you’ll probably enjoy Spring Breakers. It’s action packed and will definitely get your attention, and the fact that the soundtrack is pretty killer, also doesn’t hurt.


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