Playlist Must-Haves

In my last post, I mentioned how I recently decided to start training for the full marathon for the Ky Derby Festival. This commitment, in combination with the upcoming opening of UofL’s new Rec Center have got me seriously analyzing the condition of my current workout playlist.

I had to make some critical decisions on who would ultimately get to stay on this playlist, and I must say, I did some definite de-bulking on my Ipod in the process. I also made a lot of new additions, though too. I had to add a lot of the songs I always feel like I’m missing during my workouts. It was a long ordeal, but I can say I’m happy with the end product. Here are my top 5 songs on my workout playlist that really get me up and moving…. and some honorable mentions as well.

1. Diet Mountain Dew (Lana Del Ray)

2. Demons (Imagine Dragons)

3. Itchin’ On A Photograph (Grouplove)

4. Gotta Have It (Kanye West and Jay-Z)

5. Don’t Look Back in Anger (Oasis)

Some other quality get-goers: Doin’ It Right (Daft Punk), Laid (James), Bad Romance (Lady Gaga), Slow Down (Selena Gomez), Beez In the Trap (Nicki Minaj), Swing Swing (All American Rejects), Homecoming (Kanye West), Off to the Races (Lana Del Ray).


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