Childhood Faves

While Halloween is long gone, I’ve got sweets on my mind today. Not just any sweets, however, some sweets from the past. Some of these food items, which are no longer available, bring nostalgia when just thinking of them.

Just like how thinking of a turkey dinner may make your head swim with thoughts of Thanksgiving and family, lots of gravy and some delicious desserts, the foods I’m going to share with you today take me to a much simpler time… my childhood. 

I’ve compiled my top five sugar-loaded foods that I so dearly miss from my olden days.

1. Wildberry Poptarts

2. French Toast Crunch

3. Push-Up Pops

4. Oreo O’s

5. (My all time favorite) Dunkaroos

Now that you have an idea of what a nutritious childhood I had, take some time to think of what foods you miss from your childhood!


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