Meet the Blogtress

Hello All.

My name is Sarah and I am the voice of Jibber Jabber. Welcome to my blog! I am currently a senior at The University of Louisville, and this blog will serve as an ongoing project throughout this fall semester. I plan on bringing you absolutely pressing, hot off my finger tips gossip and news stories…. no just kidding, sorry all.

What I plan on doing is sharing brief snippets of my life with you. Things that interest me, inspirations, handy tid-bits, and maybe some surprises along the way.

Before you delve into this gibberish, however, here’s a bit about me. First things first, a face for the name.


Yep, that's me. In all my glory.

I’m 21 years young, I enjoy being outside, listening to catchy tunes, and sharing good food with good people. I am absolutely terrified of heights and spiders… I love to read, watch obscure movies, and try new things. I am an avid equestrian, a newfound cyclist, and above all else, an animal lover. In fact I’ll now give you the pleasure of meeting my own faithful four-legged sidekick, Penny.

She may pop up from time to time.

Anyhow, that’s me in a nut shell. And a brief preview of some things I might be talking about on here. Enjoy the blog and feel free to leave feed back or suggestions.

Edit: Meet the new addition! Have had her about a month now, this is Alley. Expect to see more of this adorable gal.


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