My Top Study Spots

Although studying is not always number one on my to do list, I do make time for it. Living in an apartment not too far from the University of Louisville, I often find that it’s too full of distractions to get anything productive done there anyways.

When I say distractions, I’m largely referring to the two goons I share my space with.


These crazy things. However, other distractions I often encounter are my ever present tendency to procrastinate and my current addiction to several shows on Netflix.

When it gets to be crunch time however, and due dates creep up on me, there are two places where I do my best work: coffee shops or the great outdoors. Here are some of my faves.

Vint on Frankfort Ave.


Vint is a great spot to go, studying or not. They make a killer cappuccino and have an awesome outdoor area if there aren’t any tables open inside. They also serve a wide selection of beer and wine if you really need to get the creative juices flowing during a study session.

Other coffee shops I admire which also serve as great, quiet study places for me include Sunergos on Preston and Heine Brothers at Eastern Pkwy. and Shelby St.

Probably my favorite place to study though, is outside. Weird right? I find it good, though especially for technology free homework and studying. Being outside generally just has a way of relaxing me. Cherokee Park here in Louisville is definitely my favorite outdoor study spot. Lately it’s been the dog park at Cochran Hill (due to my previously mentioned roommates.)

I get a lot of good reading done here, and it doubles as fun time for my dogs too, multitasking at its finest if you ask me.

Well there you have it. My favorite study spots around the city, when I’m having trouble finding enough peace and quiet in my apartment. Check them out next time you need a new place to study!