Orange is the New Black: Review

With summertime quickly fading into the rear-view and the new fall semester just starting to make itself comfortable, it’s time I reflect on one thing I’m truly missing from this summer… new episodes of Orange is the New Black.


This contains NO SPOILERS,  for those of you having not seen the show….YET.

First of all, I was a little leery of this Netflix endeavor, due to my only other dealings with Netflix produced series being the the newest Arrested Development episodes, which didn’t do the original episodes of the show justice, in my humble opinion. But, after finishing the new Arrested Development and then binge watching Breaking Bad for the umpteenth time in preparation of its upcoming episodes, I needed something new on Netflix.

Orange is the New Black it was, and with only 13 episodes, I had it finished in about 72 hours and found myself desperately wanting more.  This show was nothing like I expected. With a predominately female cast, Orange is the New Black brings fresh faces to a setting not yet explored in the realm of entertainment television: women’s prison.

The characterization of the main roles, is excellent.  Every character has their own quirks, downfalls, secrets, and backgrounds. The show is littered with flashbacks which allow viewers an in-depth look at these women both in and out of prison. You will find yourself generally invested in this show and caring about what happens to both the good and bad “guys.”  Plenty of plot twists also make this show an enjoyable watch. From the pilot to the final episode, the story line  will take you places you did not see coming.

All in all, I would recommend this show to anyone. I say, try something new… get out of your comfort zone. Yes, it is a cast of mostly women… not all of whom you may know, but it works and it works WELL. Great show, go watch it!

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