Big Four Fun

As you may or may not already know, Louisville’s Big Four Bridge was refurbished and opened to pedestrians and bicyclists in early February of this year. Accessible from River Road, right smack on top of Waterfront Park, the Big Four is a great opportunity to get out and see our city!


Beautiful views of the Ohio, Louisville’s waterfront, and Jeffersonville, make for an enjoyable stroll across the Big Four. Although you cannot cross through to the Indiana side currently, their walkway is expected to open in the early part of 2014. Having frequented the Big Four on several occasions, both on foot and via bicycle, there are several pros and cons I can conclude…. just in case you’re contemplating a visit.

Bad news first: THE CONS
1. The bike lane is straight down the middle of the bridge…. so don’t expect to be zipping through the crowd, because there is a 100% chance people will not move out of the way for you. You might as well get off your bike and walk it.
2. No pets! My original thought on this one was “What kind of place is this?!” But in all seriousness, people don’t always pick up their doggie doodoo so all in all I can see the validity of this rule. Who wants to walk down the Big Four on a warm summer day with the possibilty of stepping in a stinky mess? Not I. None the less, I always prefer companionship of the four legged type when I venture on outdoor excursions, so this one hits a little home for me.

Good news next: THE PROS
1. Large getherings of people make for good people watching. Tired on your walk? Pop a squat and people watch. The bridge has tons of benches (probably specifically for this very purpose.) All kinds of people visit the bridge every day, so enjoy the crowd!
2. The location. As previously mentioned, the Big Four is in a hoppin’ part of Louisville. There are plenty of nearby downtown restaurants, the Yum Center is close, and Waterfront Park is just steps away. I don’t know about you but it sounds to me like we have all the ingredients for a perfect date night. Dinner downtown and a stroll across the bridge, and finally maybe a game or concert at Yum. You’re welcome.
3. The amazing views. I won’t go on about this one, instead I leave you with some snapshots I got on a recent bike trek to the Big Four. Hope you enjoy and consider seeing it for yourself!